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Lets start off on the right foot Empty Lets start off on the right foot

Post  keaneo on Fri 2 Jan - 20:24

Hey hey

So here we are in a brand new guild with aim to raid on a regular basis... so how can we progress to regular raiding asap?

1. Very few guilds are lucky enough where they can log on and join a heroic instance group within their guild whenever they want, therefore people have to take ownership. Watch the trade channels in cities, use the looking for more tool... basically use every option available to get yourself in heroics each day.

2. Find out what heroics drop gear u can use... google wow loot and there are loads of sites with all the drops listed. If u need the dps plate legs from UK, stick yourself in looking for more to UK all day. This way you will get badges and drops rather than just badges.

3. Professions, if u have not skilled them up, skill them up... they provide buffs u can't buy (mining +500hp etc), buffs u can buy but saving u gold you would normally spend... plus a means to make gold for the many costs raiding will bring.

4. Be honest with yourself... if you are sat wearing a load of L70 items, then you know you have to put some serious effort in to the gearing up side. On the other hand if your gear is ok yet u have poor profession skills / f all gold... then gogo lvl skills / farm. Basically spend ur time where you know its needed. If you need to spend time in every area... smile... things could be worse.... u could be gav Wink

6. Prob the most important thing that can be done is to remember, whenever u poss can, shower your gm with gifts and compliments. Brown nosing won't get u through raid instances but it sure as hell will get u a good cupping tongue
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