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Post  Oldek on Sun 12 Apr - 18:46

Topic Created: 13-04-2009
Author: Oldék (Class Leader)
Title: DK Tank Compendium
Additional links: (13-04-2009)

Update history:
2009/04/13 - Oldek - Initial information
2009/04/19 - Oldek - Added Expertise vs Hit and Talent advice

First notes:
I'll fill this one in by time, post if you have any input.
Glossary is at bottom of page.

This compendium will explain my ideas and understandings of tanking as Death Knight, as well as how to start improving.

Defence has to be 540+ as it results in crit immune vs raid bosses. However anything above 540 doesen't benefit you in any special way but the dodge/parry rating it gives you. it could be good to keep some spare for equipment upgrades though.

About getting TPS right as a DK tank: (13-04-2009)
TPS is something we all want to be high, makes the fight more enjoyable and interesting. However, you only need to keep maybe 10-20% spare threat from the closest dpsers, this would give you an advantage in shorter fights as well.
Anything above 20% could be considered extra backup, or in some cases just too much and could be cut down. However there are some guidelines, atm (13-4-2009) 4000 tps is actually something to go for, maybe even be able to get up to 7000 when situations turn critical.
TPS is firstly affected by threat generating skills, and secondly and indirectly by your dps. However [Rune Strike] is one of those skills that should be pressed constantly, my personal favourite key for this is (Mouse Scroll Down) and when i tank I just keep scrolling. This attack will bring your tps up. This attack will be available every second or two if you're tanking one target. Heads up: The skill will go off as soon as an auto-attack is dealt, and this might be interrupted for a pretty long time if you keep using skill-attacks.

Avoidance part: (13-04-2009)
First of all, get rid of [Sigil of the Unfaltering Knight] (my advice), as it's useless, if you cant reach 540 defence without it, find some better gear. Instead get [Sigil of Awareness] in Naxx25 (Heigan the Unclean), or [Sigil of Haunted Dreams] from Heroic shop (15 [Emblem of Heroism])
Secondly, in my opinion, you should get talents [Blade Barrier](B), [Toughness](F), and possibly if your spec enables you, [Anticipation] as those really are going to boost your avoidance. Dodge Rating rewards you more than Parry Rating, so you need less Dodge Rating to gain 1% dodge that is. Now [Anticipation] gives you a whole 5% dodge chance, which is quite a lot.
To clarify some stats:
[Runeforging: Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle] - It does give you a 25 Defence, which is equal to 125 Defence Rating, which really is a lot.
[Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector](20 defence, 37 stamina) - Sold by Argent Crusade(Revered) 20 Defence is actually 20 Defence rating.

Expertise vs Hit: (19-04-2009)
Expertise works like weapon skill, it will lower glancing and dodge/parry.
Hit will reduce miss.
As a tank it is very important to keep those values somewhat high, as tps will lower severely when you start missing, and that might affect your initial aggro.

A notice: Considering hit rating, good thing to remember is that it affect your spell casts, such as IT.

Attack Power vs Crit Chance: (13-04-2009)

Attack Speed Relevance: (13-04-2009)

Strafing and Keybinidings: (13-04-2009)

Crit chance and what it affects: (13-04-2009)
For now, be aware that there is a difference between Spell Crit Chance and Melee Crit Chance. You find them in the different categories in you character profile, standard key (C)

Benefits from Trade Skills: (13-04-2009)

Spec Advices: (19-04-2009)
Frost Tank:
This is one of the specs I've been trying, I find it to have high TPS and bring. I change some talents around every day kind of, finding new solutions, but this one gives you high tps and high avoidance as well as a good tank vs magic.
My rotation is:
IT, PS, OB, BS, FS, OB, BS, OB, BS, FS, try to fit in RS in there as often as possible, and always try to keep 20 runic for it.
This is intended for 2hand weapon of any kind. I use polearm, but I used axe before that.
My record TPS with this spec is around 10k, however I rarely go under 4k.

Check my current spec and current stats at:

Individual Spec Advices: (13-04-2009)
Interesting talents to aim for, and why.

Gear Discussion: (13-04-2009)

Calculations: (13-04-2009)
~4.98 Defence Rating = 1 Defence. (Count with 5 in head, so 25 Defence rating = 5 Defence)
~8.2 Expertise Rating = 1 Expertise (You need maybe 80 to get 0% glancing, parried/dodged attacks from raid bosses, Don't go for it.)

Glossary: (19-04-2009)
TBA - To be announced (time) / To be added (material).
TPS - Threat per second.
DPS - Damage per second.
Crit immune - Means you are immune to crits from raid bosses. 540+ Defence.
DK - Death Knight.
IT - Icy Touch
PS - Plague Strike
OB - Obliriate
RS - Rune Strike
BS - Blood Strike
Crit - Critical Strike.
Crit chance - The chance that a critical strike will occur.
Heroic shop - The vendor that provides gear in return of [Emblem of Heroism].
Dates after header - Displays when this topic was last changed.

Formatting: (13-04-2009)
Date: [DD-MM-YYYY] (ex. 13-04-2009)
Bold date: Updated in last update. Useful if you check this post often.
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